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Steps to Restoring a Power Outage

Power outages can be caused by many things: ice accumulation weighs down power lines, tree limbs break off into the lines, an animal gets too close to a warm transformer, or maybe a car hits a utility poles. Here are some steps to take if you experience an outage:

Step 1: Make sure the outage is on our end; check your fuses and breakers and see if your neighbors have lights.

Step 2: Report your outage through our free SmartHub app or by calling our automated outage reporting system at 1-800-635-4145. These two reporting mechanisms tie directly into our outage management system (OMS) for efficient and cost-effective reporting. Some members are concerned when they call in and don’t speak to a live person. If the automated phone system tells you that we’ve recorded your outage, our dispatch center has been immediately notified through the OMS.

To make the outage process even more efficient, make sure we have your current phone number(s) associated with your account. Check your latest bill stub or log in to your online SmartHub account to see which number(s) are currently linked to your account, specifically the main contact number. Don’t worry -  we won’t sell or share your contact information with anyone else.

Please do not report your power outage to the co-op via Facebook or Twitter as our social media accounts are not manned 24/7 and are not linked to our OMS.

Step 3: Be patient. As our outage management system is predicting the extent of the outage, our dispatch center assigns crews to investigate the issue and make necessary repairs. If your outage occurs after business hours, keep in mind that often times lineman need to stop what they’re doing and grab necessary gear and supplies before heading out to the outage location in adverse weather conditions. We often get member calls immediately after the outage begins with inquiries of what is causing the outage or how long until the power is restored. In most situations, we do not know the reason or the extent of the outage that early. It unnecessarily ties up phone lines and employee efforts. A little bit of patience goes a long way as our employees work as quickly and as safely as possible.

Step 4: Check our website, Facebook or Twitter account for updates on major outages. We usually post status updates for larger outage events. We do not post for smaller line or individual outages.

Members can view a live outage map at to check the extent of the outage.

If you experience a power outage, rest assured that we are doing everything we can to restore your power as quickly as possible. Our co-op member-owners are our ONLY priority; that’s the cooperative difference


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